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Interview with Nancy Zhang

11. November 2013



The now Berlin-based Chinese artist, fashion icon and blogger Nancy Zhang is a huge fan of KATRIN LANGER – and isn´t afraid to show!  Follow our interview and find out more about the fascinating effect KATRIN LANGER clutches exercise on Nancy Zhang.


Let´s go straight to the point: which KATRIN LANGER models do you like the most?

It is hard to pick one, but I really like the clutches with specific textures, embroidery and silhouette.


What do you like about them?

The elegant shapes and beautiful patterns.


What area could you most easily associate to Katrin Langer – fashion, jewelry, design, etc.?

In my opinion design is the first and strongest area to be linked to KATRIN LANGER.


What are the first three adjectives that come to your mind while thinking of Katrin Langer?

Surely delicate, glamorous and elegant.


Which celebrity best embodies the style of KATRIN LANGER`s creations and in which sector (i.e. music, cinema, etc.) do you think the connection would have the most impact?

Red Carpet and  movie stars,  with very feminine characters.


What is your first association with the KATRIN LANGER clutches?

They remind me of the charming 60’s.


Thank you Nancy for the interview! Is there anything else you would like to add? 

I particularly enjoy the details, they are extremely fine and the finishing is so extraordinary and full of vivid expression.